Minnesotans Pledge to Bicycle 30 Days in April

BY: Jo Olson March 31 , 2015

To be fair, some of these folks have been riding year-round, but the more pleasant weather means that they can ride in fewer layers and maybe even exchange their fat or studded tires for slicks.

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Fat Biking Minnesota

BY: Friend of Pedal MN February 09 , 2015

Minnesota State Parks and Trails have recently expanded the number of trails open for winter fat bike riding, which now total 78 miles at eight locations across the state. Fat biking trails are groomed specifically for the large, low-pressure tires that give the bike its name. A Minnesota winter can be rough if you are not getting outdoors and staying active, so I would highly recommend taking your family or friends to any of these new fat biking trails:

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Winter Biking with Kids

BY: Verónica Jaralambides November 20 , 2014

As with any new adventure outdoors with kids, I would recommend keeping the first few biking trips short and with enough opportunities to bail, in this case, if they get too cold. A shorter outing also allows for everyone to learn safely.  From head to toe, here is my list of winter biking necessities to keep you and your children comfortable while in the saddle.

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10 Reasons it's Great to Ride in Minnesota

BY: Patrick Murphy October 09 , 2014

We ride in all weather– Weather in Minnesota is predictably unpredictable and can be downright vengeful at times. You can bet Minnesotans ride through it all. Need proof? Check out our gallery of Minnesotans riding last winter here. 

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How Bike Fixtation Is Revolutionizing Bike Repair: Q&A with Andy Lambert

BY: Cathy Carlson September 19 , 2014

Q: Chad DeBaker, one of the co-founders, has a pretty lively story about the origin of Bike Fixtation. Any chance we can hear the story? 

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CLMTBC Mountain Bike Cyclists Survey

BY: Aaron Hautala August 06 , 2014

How does this survey help the Cuyuna area and our community business partners? Well, part of the Crew’s mission statement reads, “… strengthen our local communities through active living and cycling.”  This survey will provide them hard data on how you, the cyclist, economically impacts the local communities. The results of the survey will also identify how the Crew and local communities can serve you best. The final report will be presented at their Annual Wrap-up Meeting in January of 2015.

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Mankato Caters to Every Kind of Rider

BY: Erica Wacker May 23 , 2014

Trail riding: Mankato’s 50 miles of paved trails are a combination of local, county and state trails. One of the longest is the Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail, which runs 39 miles between Mankato and Faribault to the northeast. Mostly straight and flat, the trail traverses a landscape of woods, lakes and farmlands, and links up with the Minnesota River and Red Jacket trails. The six-mile, scenic Red Jacket Trail passes by two parks and the Mount Kato ski area and mountain bike park.

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A Year in Bike Art

BY: Patrick Murphy April 14 , 2014

The Minneapolis-based artist lives & breaths cycling, and it's reflected in much of his work–from paintings and prints to massive murals around the Twin Cities.

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PSI Cycling Journal is New Voice for Cycling

BY: Patrick Murphy March 26 , 2014

At its core, the community in Minneapolis is a supportive network that has helped get hundreds of women in the saddle and working on their own bikes year-round. PSI is a journal that strives to capture the joy and empowerment that makes the WTF cycling community at large special.

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Toasty Tootsies: Tips for Warm Winter Feet

BY: Friend of Pedal MN February 26 , 2014

This article originally appeared on the Grease Rag blog.

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Fat Biking Cuyuna

BY: Patrick Murphy February 19 , 2014

One of the most anticipated winter biking events in the state, the Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout, takes place March 1.

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28 Days of Bike Love

BY: Friend of Pedal MN February 14 , 2014

Real talk: February is the most brutal month for my mental health.

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Winter Biking: Plowed Trails in the Twin Cities

BY: Verónica Jaralambides February 12 , 2014

Below is a list of trails maintained for winter biking in the Twin Cities. This is just a start–add your voice to the mix by telling us about your favorite plowed biking trails, and let's make this a state-wide list (email: ipedalmn@gmail.com).

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Arrowhead 135: Frozen Inspiration

BY: Patrick Murphy January 30 , 2014

Most of us will never ride our bikes 135 miles over snowy trails with -50°F windchills. And that’s just fine. The bottom line is that the bicycle can be a means to just about anything for anyone. Think about it. A bike can be transportation from A to B, a racing machine, a vehicle of adventure, a joyride, a tool of empowerment and a whole lot more. How awesome is that?

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Minneapolis Bike Expo Kicks Off Winter Riding

BY: Patrick Murphy December 06 , 2013

As the population of winter cyclists has expanded exponentially over recent years, so too has the demand for new bicycle technology and the knowledge to make the most of riding in snow, ice, and freezing temps. Accordingly, the event organizers have expanded the showcase this year to two days (December 7-8) at the Freewheel Midtown Bike Center on the Greenway.

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Explore the Winter Landscape by Bike

BY: Erica Wacker December 03 , 2013

Equipment & Clothing

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MN is Home to the Best Bike Path in America

BY: Patrick Murphy August 25 , 2013

The article, which ran on Tuesday, ranked the Greenway ahead of paths in Boulder, Seattle, Portland and Denver.

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Artist on Two Wheels

BY: Patrick Murphy July 10 , 2013

I met Adam for the first time this spring at the poster drop-off for the ARTCRANK–Minneapolis show. He had just biked across the city on his custom Surly Big Dummy bike, with 75 posters on-board. All of those posters, plus a second batch, sold out in just a few hours at ARTCRANK.

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Almanzo: In the Words of the Riders

BY: Patrick Murphy June 04 , 2013

*Information on how to ride Almanzo in 2014 here.

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Duluth’s Bong Bridge Becomes Bike-Friendly for Winter Riders

March 13 , 2013

The Richard I. Bong Bridge connecting Duluth and Superior, Wis., is the longest bridge in Minnesota. At 1.5 miles in length, it rises 120 feet above the St. Louis River, where the wind blows hard and cold during the winter and the sidewalks are usually covered with piles of frozen snow.

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Bemidji's 4th Annual Brrrrmidji Bike Ride

BY: Natalie Gille March 12 , 2013

Thank you to everyone who attended the 4th Annual Brrrrmidji New Year's Day bike ride to ring in the new year and to Noemi Aylesworth for hosting a celebration at The Cabin Coffeehouse and Cafe, showcasing the newly awarded bronze Bicycle Friendly Business. Congratulations!

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Wanders in Winter: 126 Miles in the Twin Cities

BY: Friend of Pedal MN February 24 , 2013

The winter of 2011 – 2012 was pretty glorious for those of us cyclists who are willing to pile on layers for pretty much any plunge in temperature, but lack the equipment to scoff at snow and ice.  It was snowless to the point of feeling a little wrong, even to a recovering snow-hater like me. For the first time in my life, I biked occasionally throughout the entire season, mostly on short trips around the neighborhood or to work and back.

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When It’s Just (Too) Cold

BY: Carlos Espinosa February 06 , 2013

When it’s too cold to go biking outside, one option is to head to your local gym for a stationary bike “spin” class. 

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Ice is Always Nice: Favorite Ride on the Thief River

BY: Friend of Pedal MN February 06 , 2013

For me, the first day of winter is when I can get on my bike and ride on Thief River. The tricky part is knowing when the ice is thick enough to be safe. A friend said that he walked across the river yesterday on his way home following a snowmobile path. I figured that if the ice would hold him, it would hold me on my bike.

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When You Can't Bike: Winter Walking

BY: Amber Dallman February 06 , 2013

I’m a fair weather bicyclist and I have my reasons. Everybody does. Mine have nothing to do with cold temperatures and wind chills. In fact, the temps don’t seem to bother me. Guess I was raised (and brainwashed) to believe “there’s no bad weather, just bad clothing,” which many of my winter-biking colleagues agree with, right Carlos, Nick, and Veronica?

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Unofficial Guide to Gifts for People Who Bike

BY: Sharon Secor December 15 , 2012

It’s the thick of the gift-giving season, so we asked around for ideas for that hard-to-please bicyclist and came up with these 26 quick, sometimes quirky but right-on-task, ideas for the bike enthusiast in your life. From homemade handwork to downright techy, we’ve got an idea for you.

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Former California Girl Takes On Minnesota Cold at the Arrowhead 135

BY: Friend of Pedal MN December 12 , 2012

I’m originally a California girl, having been born and raised in sunny Newport Beach. Though I moved to Minnesota fourteen years ago, the name “Arrowhead” still conjures up mental images of sandy shores, salty breezes and the sound of seagulls vying for a wayward crab skittering along the sand. Last year I did a search for winter races in Minnesota and came across one that stopped me dead in my tracks—the Arrowhead 135.  When I searched the Internet for images of the Arrowhead 135, my jaw dropped open like a kid on Christmas morning.  People ride their bikes out there in sub-zero temperatures for 135 miles in the dead of winter?!  Bring the needle on the record to a screeching halt.

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Nick's Winter Bike Tips

BY: Nick Mason December 07 , 2012

I've been biking through Minnesota winters for 9 years now and it was a bit of trial and error for awhile.

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Ride a Bicycle in the Winter? Four Great Tips to Make It Happen

BY: Dorian Grilley November 26 , 2012

An increasing number of people no longer put their bikes in storage when October and November come along. Fortunately, continued improvements in technology and facilities have made bicycling through the winter easier, safer, more comfortable and, yes, even fun. So, whether your motivation is to stay fit and healthy, save a little money or help make the world a little greener (or all of the above), now is the time to start preparing for the dark, cold, snowy and icy conditions to come.

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BY: Verónica Jaralambides November 21 , 2012

Having lived most of my life in mild-weathered Buenos Aires, I did not have much experience dealing with the cold, snowy Minnesota winters I’ve learned to love. I know many people who’d scoff at this, but I think that when you’ve figured out how to get outside and enjoy your favorite activity, you’ll be able to say good-bye to winter blues.

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Off the Shelf Solutions to Winter Biking

BY: Carlos Espinosa November 20 , 2012

Although your local bike store probably has a plethora of specialized winter biking gear, a trip to your closet can also yield a number of key items for winter excursions. 

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This Tread's for You: Winter Cycling in Northern Minnesota

BY: Natalie Gille November 19 , 2012

BEMIDJI, MN - Do you have a personal goal to ride your bike this winter? Maybe you'd like to ride your bike to work once a week, when the pavement is dry, or if the temperature is above 20 degrees. These are some goals Zachary Olson, bike mechanic for The Bike Guy Ski and Bicycle Shop in Bemidji, Minn., might recommend for winter cyclists. Whatever you decide, Zach encourages you to "commit to a goal and know that it doesn't matter what other people are doing, you're making a small meaningful change in your life."  Zach is a four-season cyclist, with experience riding in Bemidji winters.

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Commuter Versus the Mountain? Mountain Wins...

BY: Natalie Gille October 15 , 2012

Why is selecting the correct bike important?  Try riding a commuter bike on a single-track mountain bike trail and you will quickly find out that the trail wins. 

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Back to School - by Bike!

BY: Sharon Secor September 05 , 2012

Put on your helmet* and we are ready to go – it’s the first day of school!

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The Healthy Choice Is the Easy Choice

BY: Amber Dallman June 27 , 2012

The Minnesota Department of Health supports local communities throughout the state to make the healthy choice the easy choice. You’re probably thinking, “What does that actually mean? And, how does it relate to bicycling?”

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Toddlers, Trailers and Tiaras…Bike the Kids to Daycare

BY: Amber Dallman May 25 , 2012

My hubster and I have a son. He’s a winter chicken. So, last spring, summer, and fall he was not old enough to ride in a bike trailer. This spring he is! For the past year, I have been walking the son to daycare on my way to work. This is about two miles.  We chose a daycare near our home so it would be possible to walk there. (In fact, I initially told the hubster daycare was about one and half miles so he could get on board with running there after work with the four-legged pet to pick the son up. It worked! Never mind that for a while he would come home and exclaim how tired the four-legged pet was from a three mile run when it was actually four miles.)

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Remove the Training Wheels Without (Much of) a Fight

BY: Lisa Austin May 24 , 2012

Spring is here and the weather is getting nicer. Kids have grown over the winter and some are ready to learn to ride without training wheels. Removing training wheels can be a source of stress and conflict between adults and children. From experience, I have learned a few tips to help make it go more smoothly.

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