Trip Tip: Bike to a Yurt

BY: Friend of Pedal MN / April 20 , 2015

Seeking a new bike trip destination this summer? Here’s an idea to consider: Pack your gear and bike to one of the new yurts at Minnesota state parks and recreation areas.

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Summer Bike Events for the Entire Family

BY: Friend of Pedal MN / April 06 , 2015

Are you ready to discover Minnesota by bike this summer? With hundreds of organized events popping up on the calendar now you can explore a new paved trail, a scenic road route that meanders around some of the 10,000 lakes in the State, take an adrenaline-pumping ride through the woods or just relax and watch all the fun at one of the festivals.  Any way you look at it there is something for everyone and here are 10 of my favorite family friendly bike events as spring rolls into summer.

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Minnesotans Pledge to Bicycle 30 Days in April

BY: Jo Olson / March 31 , 2015

Minnesotans from Albert Lea to International Falls are getting their bicycles out of storage, filling tires, lubing chains, and hitting the road. They are gearing up and taking the pledge to ride all 30 days in April. 

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The Minnesota Bicycling Awards

BY: Jo Olson / March 19 , 2015

The Bike Alliance of Minnesota wants to reward Minnesota's stellar bicycling community at their annual meeting on May 3 with the Minnesota Bicycling Awards. And they need your help! 

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Learning to Ride with STRIDER

BY: Friend of Pedal MN / March 10 , 2015

Learning to ride a bike is a big moment in a child’s life. Sometimes this moment can mean even more for children with Down Syndrome. Returning for its second year to Duluth, Strider Learn to Ride Camp helps make this dream come true.

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Attend the 2015 PedalMN Bike Conference

BY: Cathy Carlson / March 05 , 2015

Learn how Minnesota is building the Bike-Friendly State.

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MnDOT Appoints First Scholar-In-Residence

BY: Friend of Pedal MN / February 22 , 2015

The Minnesota Department of Transportation appoints it's first Scholar-in-Residence to  

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Fat Biking Minnesota

BY: Friend of Pedal MN / February 09 , 2015

Fat bikes are making their way around Minnesota! If you haven’t seen them yet, they are probably not far from your local parks, trails, or bike shops. These incredible bikes with over-sized tires are giving a whole new meaning to the term "winter biking," especially in Minnesota. Instead of riding on a layer of ice or slush on the side of the road, take your cycling to the beautifully snow-packed hills in the middle of a state park or trail.

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Design Cycles: A Bike Show

BY: Friend of Pedal MN / December 22 , 2014

To bike or not to bike, that is the question. The Goldstein Museum of Design’s upcoming exhibition Design Cycles: A Bike Show answers that question handily.

January 24, 2015 through May 10, 2015, opening reception January 23rd 6-8 pm

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The Air Out There

BY: Friend of Pedal MN / December 01 , 2014

Biking has many benefits beyond the great things that it does for our bodies, brains, wallets, and overall well-being. Among these, it’s great for the environment!

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Winter Biking with Kids

BY: Verónica Jaralambides / November 20 , 2014

Yes, winter can be cold and icy, but it doesn't necessarily mean you should deprive your young bike enthusiast from riding. There is a lot of specialized gear for riding in the winter, but after buying a set of studded tires, you probably have most of what you need right in your winter gear box. 

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The Purple One’s Hits of Minneapolis (by Bike)

BY: Cathy Carlson / October 30 , 2014

In the movie “Purple Rain,” Prince explores his favorite hangouts on a customized 1981 Honda. Recently, the City Page’s cardboard Prince traveled across the pond to London with Explore Minnesota.  We thought we would pay homage to The Purple One himself—but on a different type of bike.

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BAM: One Man’s Journey to ‘Bike Across Minnesota’

BY: Jim Shipp / October 17 , 2014

When I was in my 20s—in the ’70s— a friend and I decided to get on our bikes and see how far east we could get before we had to be back in school. We left from Moorhead in early August and wrapped it up in Watertown, N.Y., in mid-September. We cheated in that we took buses around major metro areas, but it was still a trip to remember. I biked very little after that trip; life got in the way.

Fast forward to July 2014: same guy, a lot older, minimally wiser. I’ve been biking a lot the last few years, enjoying the sense of freedom and strength I feel biking the rural highways near Pelican Rapids. So I figured it’s time to honor, in a small way, my trip of nearly 40 years ago and “Bike Across Minnesota”—or, for short, BAM. I will start in Fargo, N.D., and complete my trip in St. Croix Falls, Wis.

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We're in this Together

BY: Patrick Murphy / October 15 , 2014

I see a lot of contentious stories about road relations between people who bike and people who drive. They can be a challenge to avoid, as it seems there’s a constant stream. The ‘Us vs. Them’ narrative brings in page views, and page views pay the bills, so writers keep coming back to it.

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10 Reasons it's Great to Ride in Minnesota

BY: Patrick Murphy / October 09 , 2014

Why do you love biking in Minnesota? The list could go on and on, but here are ten reasons why we think Minnesota is a fantastic place to live and ride.

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A September Bike Trip to Remember

BY: Hebe Shipp / October 07 , 2014

Jim and Hebe Shipp are a retired husband-and-wife duo who adventure on many cycling trips throughout the year. They say: 

"We love the feeling we get while biking. It’s like we are 10 years old again and are flying down hills free as the wind. Being Minnesotans, we know only too well that soon will come what Garrison Keillor calls 'the long, dark time.' We are storing up memories to get through!"

Just recently, they made some new memories on a trip in the Twin Cities.  

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Hand-built Bicycles in Minnesota

BY: Patrick Murphy / October 03 , 2014

Alex Cook is a soft-spoken 26-year-old who has received increasingly widespread recognition in recent years for his ability to hand-build bicycles. 

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Bike Cops for Kids

BY: Patrick Murphy / September 30 , 2014

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Craft Beer Bike Ride in St. Paul

BY: Friend of Pedal MN / September 26 , 2014

Clint Roberts is the Executive Director of the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild, an association with more than 50 member breweries and brewpubs across the state.  He offers his take on a perfect day out riding a bike and exploring St. Paul's brewery scene.

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How Bike Fixtation Is Revolutionizing Bike Repair: Q&A with Andy Lambert

BY: Cathy Carlson / September 19 , 2014

Bike Fixtation is a locally owned and operated company specializing in public bicycle repair.  As one of PedalMN's partners, they designed and manufactured all of our HealthPartners-sponsored tune-up stations as well as some super neat PedalMN bike racks.  Chad DeBaker and Andy Lambert of Bike Fixtation have been vital in bringing these stations to trails across Minnesota.  We had the chance to chat with Andy to learn more about this innovative company. 

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