Seniors Keep Rolling

BY: Patrick Murphy / December 02 , 2013

All over the state, groups of seniors meet up to exercise and socialize, united by the bicycle. Many clubs are organized through city services. Here, we highlight three senior bike clubs.  

The Minnetonka Bike Club started 5 years ago with 38 members. This year there were 126 members with the opportunity to ride every day of the week on trails throughout the Twin Cities. The club emphasizes social activity with rides that include stops at coffee shops, restaurants and even vineyards. It’s a great way to get some exercise and make friends.

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The Lakeville Health’s Angels is an active biking group of 45 members. The group has been biking together for 10 years, and meets every Wednesday morning for a planned ride and on Fridays for an unplanned ride, May through October. They bike on a variety of biking trails and ride approx. 33 miles, and always stop for lunch. The group also does an overnight ride each year. They were named the ”Health’s Angels” by someone they encountered on one of their rides, and have kept that name ever since. Any cyclist age 50 and up is welcome to join–all that’s required is membership to the Senior Center and a small registration fee.

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Plymouth Pedalers is a bicycle club sponsored by the Plymouth Creek Activity Center. Members are men and women ages fifty-five and over from Plymouth and neighboring suburbs. The group rides Wednesday mornings from mid-April through mid-October, offering two different routes at starting locations throughout the Twin Cities. One group rides a bit faster, and goes 20-25 miles. The other “lite” group rides 10-15 miles. The group strives for variety and new locations for their rides, often with a stop for coffee and interesting places to visit. The Plymouth Pedalers just completed their twentieth season and, yes, there is still a charter member and other near-original members. When summer weather cooperates, the club will ride over 500 miles a season. To join there is a small fee and registration through the Plymouth Park and Recreation Department; call 763-509-5280 to join. For more info about the group call Marie at 763-568-2994.

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