Keep Your Bike Nicely Tuned

May 16 , 2012

Here are all the details you'll need to find and visit a Pedal Minnesota Tune Up station.

Ride on over to a Pedal Minnesota Tune-Up Station between May 21 and June 30 at two of Minneapolis’ best bus shelters to fill up your tires with free air. While you’re at it, help yourself to a self-serve tune-up stand, complete with bike tools and biking tips from your very own Bike Friendly State.

For extra special, Bike Friendly service, the Tune-Up Stations will be staffed by a friendly bike mechanic on three different days to provide you and your bike with all the love that only THIS state can offer to bikers and their bikes. Services include minor adjustments, chain lube, helmet fitting and air.

Locations: Hennepin & Washington and Knox & Lagoon, both locations in Minneapolis

Dates: Saturday, May 26; Saturday, June 2; Saturday, June 9
Time: 9am – 2pm


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  1. The air pump was taken out of lagoon and knox, I thought it was going to be left there. Was it taken out for good? or will it be put back Thank youSandra
  2. Hi Dawn - Cycles for Change has open shop days to teach you how to fix your bike(s) for free. They also fix up old bikes (and use old parts) to give them to adults and kids who need them. - Nick Nick Mason Education & Technical Assistance Program Manager Bicycle Alliance of Minnesotaname
  3. I have 11 bikes in my back yard. I would like help tuning up and trading parts so that we have 5 working bikes for my family. I would like to donate the rest of them. Do you have any good resources for me to get this done? Please let me know ASAP. Thank youDawn Misencik