Meet The PedalMN 'Bike Mom' Ambassadors

BY: Friend of Pedal MN / May 14 , 2014

With our "Bike Mom" project we sought out eight Minnesota moms from varying bicycling backgrounds. For the next few weeks we'll be featuring their stories, photos and tips on getting outside on two wheels with kids.

Biking in Minnesota is a huge part of life for many families. Whether it is to have a lower environmental impact, stay fit, or have fun, there are many reasons why families want to get outside and ride. Here’s a breakdown of each of our “ambassador moms” and some of the reasons why they bike.

- Jen Jamar – “Three Kids & Bikes”

- Veronica Jaralambides – “Adventurous/Outdoorsy Mom”

- Jana Velo – “City Mom”

- Amber Dallman – “Two Kids + Bikes”

- Stacey Achterhoff – “Duluth Mom”

- Tracy Morrison – “Marathon runner, lover of dark chocolate…”

- Ginny Herman – “No-Car Ginny”

- Laura Wifler – “Toddler Time”

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  1. This is great! We moved here last summer and I've been thinking that there need to be a better way to connect with the family bike community. Let's get a ride together!Ashley