'Bike Mom' Project Launch!

BY: Friend of Pedal MN / May 09 , 2014

We are thrilled to launch a project focused on women, moms, and kids riding bikes. Over the coming two months, stay tuned for articles, social media contests, event appearances, and gear giveaways on the site.

Components of the project include:

- Profiles on 8 ‘Ambassador Moms’

- A Major Gear Sweepstakes

- A Photo Contest:
  Check out the Winning Shots!

- A Caption Contest
 Our 10 Favorite Captions

- Article on Safety While Riding With Kids

- Tutorial about ‘How To Dress’ while biking

- ‘Bike Mom’ explains how to Convert Bike into Minivan

- How to manage Garage Sales by Bike

- ‘Bike Mom’ Q&A: Riding with Kids

- More to come! 


‘Bike Mom’ Ambassador Tracy Morrison and her daughter

In addition to serving as an information resource, the project will feature 8 “ambassadors.” The ambassador moms will document their experience biking with kids on social media and the Pedal Central blog.

As noted, major component of the project is a promotion called “The Mother Of All Bike Gear Giveaways.” More than 10 companies have donated gear, including bike seats, kid trailers, scoot bikes, apparel, helmets, and a mom-oriented bike model for the winners.

Sample prizes from “The Mother Of All Bike Gear Giveaways”

All content and the giveaway contests will be hosted on PedalMN.com. Be sure to like our Facebook page to stay informed on the articles, ambassador adventures, event opportunities, and the gear giveaways to come!

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  1. I would love to include this program and the "Bike Moms" in my forthcoming book and follow up to my first biking/ car free/ car lite book The Urban Bike! Please contact me!Michael Cody